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How We Went From Having Unfulfilling, Lifeless and Disconnected Relationships Filled With Lots of Drama in Our Previous Marriages to Creating a Truly "Magical" Relationship in Our Current Marriage To each Other...


52 Breakthrough strategies for creating the kind of relationship you've always wanted and help you start getting the love you want in your life now!  

Dear Friend,

It's sad, but it's true.

Most people are in unhappy relationships.

The latest statistics tell us that a whopping 50% of ALL 1st marriages will end in divorce and a mind-blowing 75% of all 2nd marriages either don't (or won't) stand the test of time either.

Why do you think this is?

If your relationship is like most others, when you first got together with someone, there was lots of excitement, love, friendship, connection and yes, even passion.

Then, as time passed-- you started getting that empty feeling inside and began asking yourself questions like... "is this all there is?", "where did the passion go?", "how come I don't see you as much as I'd like", or "why can't you be the way you used to be?"

If you're not in a relationship right now-- you're probably asking yourself questions like, "why can't I find someone I really want to be with?" or "where are the people who are interested in having more fun, enjoying life and have the same values as me?"

The bottom line is that you want so much more from your relationships than you've been able to have up until now.

You've tried everything you know--but you still want more.

You want more love in your life.

More understanding.

More Passion.

A deeper connection.

Better communication

and More trust.

These are the same kinds of things we all want in our relationships. The trouble is, most of us never figure out how to have them.

Relationships can be painful. If you're like most people, you're sick of the struggle, the pain and the frustration of trying to get what you want in a relationship.

For most of us, we either settle for something less than we deserve or we give up on the idea of love altogether.

This isn't the way it is for everyone. There are some individuals and couple (like us) that have exactly the kind of relationship that they want.

The big question many people ask is-- "how do you create the kind of relationship that would truly make you happy?" 

We wondered the same thing until we came together and started our relationship.  

                 A decision that changed our relationship and life forever

 When we first got together we made one of the most important decisions we've ever made. We made a conscious decision that we weren't willing to settle for anything less than an incredible relationship. 

We made the decision that we were willing do whatever was necessary to create this relationship filled with lots of love, passion and a truly heartfelt connection and friendship with each other. 

Now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt,  that it is truly possible for you to have the love you want in your life. 

But, In order to have the kind of relationships you've always hoped for, dreamed about, prayed for and cried about--there are certain things that you have to begin doing differently than you're doing now. 

That's what we share in our ebook, "Creating Relationship Magic"...

With the help of the information in this book,  you'll be able to discover for yourself how to start creating the relationship of your dreams now ...

"Susie and Otto Collins are an authentic couple who share from their hearts and, more importantly, model what it truly takes to create an outstanding relationship. Through personal stories, a wide variety of books and practical ideas, they offer new possibilities for creating and sustaining the love we want in our lives. I recommend their work and appreciate their grounded generosity."

                               Kathlyn Hendricks, Co-Author "Conscious
                               Loving" and "The Conscious Heart" and                
                               Co-founder of the Hendricks Institute for
                               Conscious Living. 


After reading this ebook and putting these ideas into practice, your relationship will never be the same again...  

Whatever you want--whether it's love, friendship, more passion, a partner on the Spiritual Path, a connected Relationship or a companion of the heart, this book will help you identify how you can have it. 

With the information in the E-Book, "Creating Relationship Magic," you'll discover how to identify and eliminate the biggest challenges and issues we all face in our relationships and start creating the relationship you've always wanted in your life. 

You'll discover...

  • How to ask for and get what you want in your relationship 

  • Why living by the "Golden Rule" doesn't work in relationships

  • How to attract the perfect mate into your life

  • How to use the differences between you and your partner to make your relationship stronger instead of dividing you

  • The secret to diffusing jealousy before it wrecks your relationship

  • What anger really is and the best ways to deal with it when it comes up

  • How to eliminate the most common communication challenge and feel free to communicate openly and honestly with everyone in your life

  • The most important thing you need to do to feel understood in your relationship

  • One of the most intimate things you could ever do create a close, connected relationship with someone without having sex

  • How to keep the magic alive long after the honeymoon

  • And Much More...

If you could create a relationship that was alive, growing, full of passion, had genuine friendship, caring and open honest communication would you be interested? 

Whether you are single or with a partner, Creating Relationship Magic will give you some strategies about how to create what you want!  


"Your information and tools provided in your tape and books have been very valuable for me in transforming my relationship.  Over the past few years I have read numerous relationship books to help me have a wonderful, passionate relationship.  Nothing compares to your books. 

Sue Afrasiabi of Melbourne, Australia 

The book is not available in stores. It is only offered here on our web site as an ebook at $19.77 

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These days, we've all been hearing a lot about the words "Soulmates" and "Twin Flames." In this special report, we try to demystify the terms Soulmates and Twin Flames. We'll share with you what they really are, and how you can discover what the Real purpose of your relationships is.   

You'll also get a 2nd FREE bonus e-book called 
"101 Relationship Quotes Worth A Million Dollars." 

This e-book contains 101 of our favorite quotes about love, relationships, personal and spiritual growth, relationship truths and much more.

The quotes in this book, "101 Relationship Quotes Worth A Million Dollars" are a collection of quotations from our writings, workshops and seminars as well as some of our favorites from such well known authors and teachers like Gary Zukav, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Steven Covey, Tony Robbins and Others.

The quotes in this little book will expand your mind and give you a new vision of possibilities for your relationships and your life.  

If you order Now, you'll get the e-books "Creating Relationship Magic," "101 Relationship Quotes," plus, a special report on "Soulmates, Twin Flames and The purpose of all relationships." 

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Our goal is simply to help you  create a "magical relationship."  

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. 

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Our best to you,  

Susie and Otto Collins 


P.S. Creating Relationship Magic is Not Available in stores anywhere.  It's only available here as an E-Book.  Don't put it off. Order Now and you'll be able to download the book instantly. 

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